3 Things to Help You Sleep Like a Baby


    Millions of people suffer from insomnia and sleep issues resulting from stress or chronic pain. Some people just cannot breathe effectively and need a little help to keep their airways clear.

    Most people deal with insomnia sporadically due to issues going on their lives at any given time. Others are dealing with long term sleep issues because they just cannot get their minds and bodies to relax. Whether you are dealing with intermittent sleep issues because of stress or just an uncomfortable bed, the following 3 things may be of assistance:

    1. Sleep Mask

    Too much light in your room or outside your window may be a part of your issue, especially in the summer months when the days are longer. A simple sleep mask may provide a solution. Most people do not even consider a sleep mask because of the way it looks… The macho guy or gal thinks wearing a sleep mask looks stupid, but removing light access can help a great deal

    1. Sleep memory foam mattress

    The principles of pressure and conformity to the body during sleep were similar to what the astronauts had to deal with. Of course, sleeping and spaceflight are two different things, but the concept of relieving pressure on the body was accomplished using this new material. This special memory foam allows the contours of the body to be matched within the mattress and offers more support during sleep. With every move and angle, the foam provides a perfect fit to ensure maximum comfort. When the person moves positions, the memory foam adjusts accordingly.

    1. Nasal Irrigation

    The basic premise behind a nasal wash or irrigation system is to introduce a mixture of saltwater or saline solution into one nasal passage. As it travels through the nasal cavity and exits through the other side, it washes away pollen and other foreign debris. This basic cleansing process has been around for hundreds of years and can enable a better breathing environment and health. To those known to the concept, this idea may sound like an unpleasant process, and can take a bit of time and practice to get used to but is well worth the time and effort. Some equate the experience of getting water up to your nose while swimming in the ocean. Once you complete the procedure the first time, you will immediately notice a difference in your ability to breathe. The amount of unwanted material that had been impeding your ability to breathe is removed and the air passages are clear.


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