5 Worthwhile Tips To Increase An App’s Usage


Mobile apps are today the life of businesses! It grew as a magnificent medium to reach out to more segments of their target population, even if they are not possible physically. But, sadly with the increasing prevalence of apps, competition stiffened too, making it tougher for the businesses to acquire a plentiful user base. Nevertheless, ‘never give up’ is the only rule in business and finding out responsive strategies is the key to knock out competition. For apps, key engaging strategies that will keep the users hooked, make them loyal and more addicted are necessary to beat the competition. While strategies revolving around the app’s user-interface are what most needed, parallelly effective branding and marketing methods will help further too in growing the user numbers. But as of now, concentrating on the in-app ways to increase the user base, here are some proven tips.

Reducing the number of welcome pages

This is simply about streamlining the onboarding experience of apps. The lesser the users have to wait to go to the main page or lesser steps they had to cross over, more likely they are to stay. Including 5-6 introductory pages after a user registers will just increase their chance of skipping the app. So, just one to two pages explaining key functions is fine.

The first onboard page should have a CTA

This sounds absurd because no app does that! But, trying it can actually get your app more users instantly. CTAs (Call-to-action) like “Connect to your social network’, “Join rewards bank for reward points” or “Earn as you order” can be quite provocative. These will motivate the users to go ahead and see what’s in store for them.

Time and season bound push notifications

Sending push notifications is quite a powerful way to keep users coming back to your app, reminding them every now and then about your app services, new offers, new features and so forth. However, with all deploying this identical strategy, you can push your strategy otherwise. Consider the timings, the season or festivals around to target your notifications accordingly. This will also stop you from sending too many annoying notifications that turn-off the users bit by bit.

Knowing users behavior to drive personalization

Including more elements of personalization is another quite effective way to raise the user numbers. Arguably, when users find more features, services or offers as per their own interests, they are likely to stay. Sometimes, in the hope of getting more such related and personalized offers.

Thus, wherever possible, make use of the data that users feed into during registration to provide relevant elements. You can study the user behavior over time and tailor-make your offerings, as per their earlier service or product purchases.

Incentivization on referrals

While you are already giving incentives to the existing users to make sure they stay, get a bit more ahead and acquire new users with referral programs. Incentivize the persistent users further by rewarding them while they refer your app to 5-10 persons in their social circle. The incentives can be like free offers, large discounts, coupons for the purchase of bundle products or new service, and many more.

Thus, even if the competition is becoming worse in the apps market, there are plentiful ways to reinforce your place and thrive. These are the few most effective ways recommended by market experts and mobile app developers and so can help your app too.


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