Do You Want to Lose Weight?


Some people famish themselves to death for all the wrong reasons. They look in the mirror and see themselves as being fat, decide that they need to lose weight, although everybody tells them their perfect just the way they are. When a lot of friends tell you that you are not fat, you might first want to start listening to them before considering losing weight. Trust the fact that they are not just polite and that they really believe what they are saying. If the case, get help from a shrink, you don’t have to tell anybody, just do it for yourself.

Having the wrong people around you, who constantly tell you that you need to lose weight because you don’t fit the 90-60-90 standards, could lower your self-esteem and therefore develop an obsession about losing weight. There are examples of famous stars that starved themselves almost to death, ending up in hospitals or in psychiatric clinics.

Losing weight when having health problems due to your body fat. Losing weight will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce the high level of sugars, decrease depression and bring a lot of other advantages that will reduce the risk of developing diseases. Not to mention the satisfaction that you will have and how good you’ll feel after a big, long expected weight loss. You’ll be able to move better, breathe better, and look better.

People will turn their heads after you, not because your behind is bigger than normal, but because you look fabulous in that swimming suit. However, turn to diets that will help you lose weight if advised by a doctor. Follow the steps that the specialist tells you to gain the best results in weight loss. Don’t start a diet on your own, you might feel worse afterward than before starting the weight loss process if you don’t do all the right things. Consult the specialist and see the causes that lead you to gain extra pounds. You might have problems like diabetes type 2 or Hypothyroid. Or you just like to eat, and this could be a sign of depression.

However, if you don’t weight more than your heights, you should have no reasons to worry. If your partner tells you that you should lose weight when you are not fat, then you should worry. If he wants a model, then he should get one, instead of trying to change you. It’s his problem, don’t make it your own. Don’t think about losing weight to meet the standards. What you see on TV are not the standards that real life has. Real life is about living it. There are examples of famous Hollywood stars that aren’t 90-60-90 and don’t try to lose weight to be more popular and try to make the best out of their curves. For example, the famous Oprah. She loves how she is even with some extra pounds. And everyone loves her way of being. The pieces of advice she gives in terms of weight loss are for people who have medical issues.

That’s why doctors strongly advise you not to start a weight loss program when not necessarily needed. Being a little chubby is sexy too. The right man will take you as you are and for whom you are and will not demand that you lose weight because it’s more pleasant for his eye.


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