First Date Guidelines for Men

A Lady holding glass cup of Wine while her Man was sitting in front of her

When you are about going in, you open the door for her to go first, don’t bring up any of your exes’ matter. Do all these dating rules still apply today, or have they changed everything? If we knew for certain, perhaps it would help to quell some of the anxiety we feel before any first date, which is important because when we feel worried, we can’t really be ourselves. Here are some tips that can help you calm your thoughts and allow you to enjoy a first date while making an excellent first impression to your girl.

1. Be on time

Don’t be early, don’t be late. Just be on the accurate time. This goes for either if you are picking her up or meeting her somewhere you’ve agreed on.

2. Pick up the tab

Yes, you should pay for everything been taken, like dinner, drinks, movies and so on. Pay without comment or giving any sign on your face. If your date absolutely insists on paying, there is no need to start an argument over it. But you should then insist on paying for the second date, whether that means dinner out or, better yet, inviting her to your home and cooking a meal for her.

3. Ask her questions

Listen to her answers. This is a big one, and for some reason, it is overlooked by a lot of men. Ask her questions about her interests, her loves, her hobbies, etc. Steer clear of religion and politics on the first date. But pretty much anything else you can ask her about is good.

4. Dress with finesse

It is likely that your date will put a good deal of care and thought into her outfit, hair, and makeup. Don’t show up looking like a slob. Some may argue that a suit is too formal or intimidating for a first date, but it depends on what the date entails. If you are going to a late-night dinner, then for a horse-drawn carriage ride, don the suit. Obviously, more casual dates warrant more casual wear. But even if you dress casually, you can, and probably should still wear a tie. Just experiment with more casual tie knots, such as a black skinny tie or even a retro knit tie.

5. Practice classic etiquette

Greet her warmly. If you met her online, say something such as, “you are even more beautiful in person.” Hold doors and car doors open for her. When walking down the street, offer her your arm, and walk so that you are closer to the outer curb. All these things are gentlemanly and will not go unnoticed.

6. Give her a better view

If you are sightseeing or dining in a restaurant, sit so that she has a better view, such as towards the window rather than the interior of the restaurant. Try to pick a restaurant without distracting televisions.

7. Act self-confident

It is okay if you changed your outfit 4 times before the date and felt nervous about it all day. But don’t let this show. Sit up straight, smile, and make eye contact. Self-confidence and assurance automatically make you more attractive. In fact, have you ever wondered how strangely unattractive men end up with super model-sequel girlfriends? It is because they are totally confident in themselves.

8. Pay her a compliment

No need to go overboard, just pick something you like and compliment her on it, whether it is her dress, her fragrance, or her smile.

9. Say goodnight in a clear manner

Don’t meander off or dilly-dally. Whether it is with a kiss or a hug, say goodnight in a clear and polite manner. Don’t just offer a handshake, because it is, after all, date and not a business meeting. If you do go for the kiss, make it brief. Don’t be pushy. Body language will indicate to you whether there will be an encore.


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