How to Create WhatsApp Sticker on Your Phone


WhatsApp has gone very far, trying to be like Telegram. If you are used to Telegram, you will find many stickers and WhatsApp has already added some new features and Stickers is one of them.

There are different Stickers on WhatsApp now and you will notice that some of your friends are even in the Stickers. Don’t be surprised, there are ways to recreate Stickers and add it to your WhatsApp.

You can become famous if you can pose and make it a Sticker on WhatsApp. However, I will be telling you How to create WhatsApp Sticker on your phone.

Here we go

  1. Go to Google Playstore and Download “Sticker Makers”
  2. After Downloading and the Installation, Lunch the Application
  3. Click on “Create A New Stickerpack” button.
  4. You need to give it a name and Click on “Create”.
  5. Click on the Stickerpack just named to start the Editing
  6. Click on “Tray” icon to choose the Photo that Represented the Entire Stickerpack
  7. Click on each Individual Stickers to Start the Editing Process.
  8. You need to choose from your Gallery Image or Select Camera to take a new Photo.
  9. Immediately you select an Image, you can start editing the Image without wasting time.
  10. After Editing the Image of your choice with good Caption, Then Click on “Save” when you are finally done editing.
  11. After Saving the Edited Picture, Then Click on “Add to WhatsApp Stickers”.
  12. Immediately you do this, the Sticker will be automatically added to your WhatsApp
  13. Open your WhatsApp Application and see the Sticker you’ve done so far.

Finally, your picture is now published on Whatsapp Stickers. If people really like, they will surely use it and it becomes worldwide. You can create as many as you want.

Please comment if there is any Error during this process. I will be replying you immediately.

Thank you


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