How to Improve Your Marriage Without Discussing It


Do you want to learn how to improve your marriage without discussing it? I’ll warn you, it’s going to take a ton of work but with commitment, you can make it work, and you’re going to have to taste your tongue for now. When a marriage is on the rocks, it’s usually about fifty when it comes to who’s to blame. That said, one side must call the cease-fire first, and start doing something nice. Here have listed and explained what you can do if you want to improve your marriage without having to risk an argument.

The Little Things

Back rubs while watching TV, making sure to say “Goodnight” “Good Morning” and “I love you” whenever you need to, Kissing, Hugging, Touching, it’s all very, very important. You can buy your wife a diamond necklace and pearl earrings every day for the next year, but if you don’t have those small gestures of love and warmth, you don’t stand a chance.

Romantic Gifts

They don’t need to be expensive at all. In fact, how much you spend on them isn’t even the issue. If your partner needs something more practical, get them that, too, but romantic gifts are not practical. What are you really going to do with a dozen roses? In fact, who says it must be roses? What is your wife’s favorite flower? Get her an arrangement of that, even if it’s Dandelions. And most importantly, don’t ask her what she wants. If you can’t figure it out yourself, she might read it as a sign that you don’t pay enough attention to her.

Do the Dishes

There’s an old saying “No man was ever murdered by his wife while doing the dishes”. Not just the dishes, take care of all those little things. Clean the bathroom daily or whatever it is needs doing. Don’t think you can get away with “I make the money, you clean the house” or vice versa. Help your partner out with their burden.

Talk to Them

We know, this was supposed to be “How to save a marriage WITHOUT talking about it”, but in the end, you’ll need to talk with them. The trick is to spend weeks or months being incredibly nice and loving and generous to them to lay the groundwork for a discussion that WON’T turn into an argument. You can discuss anything that’s been troubling you, but the main thing is to let them know that you’re there for them, you love them, and you want to support them. Rather than getting right into the problems in your marriage, start with a compliment and end with “I love you”.


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