Learn From Your Past Relationships Before You Start a New Relationship


To start a new relationship with old baggage is the biggest mistake one can make. When you move on after a break-up, you leave behind old memories and all bad experiences. However, what you must take together is learning. Sometimes people say, “I fail in every relationship.” But no relationship is a complete failure. It is just the inability to come to terms with each other. When one relationship does not work out, you must analyze what went wrong. Every relationship teaches you something like patience, better understanding, behavior patterns, etc. You must carry this learning to your new relationship.

Ask yourself honestly what went wrong in your last relationship. What was that one thing that your partner hated about you? If you cannot answer for yourself, ask a friend who can be honest enough before you. Do not criticize your friend for saying something that does not please your ears because the truth is bitter. Accept your wrong-doings.

Take responsibility for your actions. Apart from thinking about what wrong you did, also think what you didn’t do to stop the break-up or improve the relationship. It is important to analyze and accept your faults so that you do not repeat the same in future relationships. Your past relationships were not failure but only a few lessons that you didn’t learn.

Before you commit to your new partner, take some time to analyze your past relationship and to think if you are completely over him/her. If you need time and space to weep or think about it, do that. But do not accept the new relationship half-heartedly.

Identify the bad patterns of past relationships and let them go off. It is harmful to continue with the same pattern in a new relationship. Although we carry our past in our new relationship, we must make sure we carry only positive patterns.

Formulate your own vision plan for the new relationship. Write down how you want your new relationship to be and then work on achieving them. Ask yourself about that one thing that should be a necessity in a relationship. Work on achieving and maintaining it.

Promise yourself that you will not repeat the mistakes made in the past relationship and that you will do everything to make the new relationship work. Start the new relationship with new hopes, aspirations and new passion.


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