Why Improve Your Core Strength?


Many people associate a strong core with a defined stomach and a bulging six pack. Such images reflect hours of work in the gym, a healthy diet and a well-structured routine. However, you can still strengthen and tone your core by incorporating a few abdominal sessions into your week. This can easily be done in the comfort of your own home using equipment such as abdominal trainers or medicine balls. You will notice the positive difference it makes to your lifestyle.

The term “core muscle group” reflects the way these muscles can impact other parts of your body. That is why it is essential to exercise this muscle group to maintain your wellbeing and reduce the chance of future health problems.

Most of the human body’s movements are powered by your torso. Everyday movements such as sitting, standing up, bending over and exercising are all powered by your core. Because the torso is your body’s center of power, the stronger you are in that area, the easier and more comfortable your life will be.

Improving your core strength does more than just offer a route to a perfect six-pack. Core exercises play a vital role in strengthening your spine and lower back, areas where pain can often develop during middle age. Your core muscles support the spine and improve your posture. Therefore, by strengthening these muscles you can decrease the symptoms of lower back pain.

If you have just started a New Year’s resolution to be more active, do not underestimate the benefits core exercises will add to your fitness regime. A stronger core will help improve your stability and balance whilst running, thus helping you maintain the good form which allows you to run faster for longer. Furthermore, you will also notice quicker recovery times from exercise and be less susceptible to injury.

One sport that highlights the central role your core plays in improving performance is golf. Although it is not a high impact sport or particularly physically demanding, your core muscles are an integral part of your backswing. This is because of the way the core muscles combine to engineer all your movements. A weak core reduces the amount of stored torque you generate. It is this torque you transfer through your swing to the club speed through the ball.

Similarly, because your balance and posture are defined by the strength of your core it can affect the accuracy of your swing. Therefore, a strong core will result in a more powerful and compact swing. Many golf professionals spend time in the gym working their core muscles to improve their game.

The benefits of a strong core identified in this article can be achieved by no more than three or four light sessions a week. Sessions only need to be 10-15 minutes long although this can be progressively increased. Commit to improving your core strength and you will notice the benefits.


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