Why Should Thinking Be Our Greatest Friend?


Can We Exercise The Mind?

The fact that we “Think” would seem a normal activity, but could we gain more out of life by developing our thinking faculty? If you consider that with exercise we can develop our bodies into machines that can compete to high standards in sports. Then if we exercised our thinking faculty then we could perhaps develop our minds to do things that we could have never dreamed possible. Could it be a fact that by exercising our thinking faculty we could perhaps achieve much more from life at a phenomenal rate? And how could we develop our minds to this very high standard?

To An Exponential Level

If it is the case that if we develop our thinking faculty to an exceedingly high level, perhaps this could save us a phenomenal amount of time and effort. Just imagine the vast benefits that this could possibly mean to mankind if all our efforts were magnified to an exceptional degree. This could mean that we would be able to achieve much more using much less. It could be of a great benefit in our individual lives, but if we could achieve much more as a group this could multiply the value that we gain to an exponential level. We could possibly become brain supermen and super-women.

Mind Food

What type of food could we use to develop our thinking faculty, and when I talk about food I am not talking about literal food but perhaps a type of mind food, and if this is the case what things can we use to feed the mind. Could it be a stimulating conversation or reading or thinking and imagining wonderful situations as if they already existed. Could it be that within our minds we may already have the things that we need to stimulate our thinking faculty? And if we do already have within us the tools to develop our thinking faculty would we be able to switch this on at will, or could we develop the ability to switch it on at will. maybe it is the case that we may only be using a very small percentage of our thinking faculty and perhaps we could all be able to achieve much more with a lot less if we learned how to use our thinking faculty much more effectively.

The Next Great Frontier

The more we look at these ideas we see that it can open many vast windows of great possibilities for us. Could the next frontier be the conquest of mind, rather than the conquest of space? Instead of looking at space travel should we, in fact, be looking at mind travel? Could our exploration be in fact inner space rather than outer space? Could our greatest breakthrough in the future be from within rather than from without?

So, when we think of things, could we perhaps think at a more higher or deeper level, are there deeper and higher levels of thinking that we have not yet attained to. Could the doors of new possibilities be found through deep concentrated thinking? Or could it be the case that all the greatest breakthroughs in history be due to deep concentrated thinking? What do you think? – Thoughts to Make You Think.


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