Why you need to use a Screen Protector for your Smartphone


Smartphones are hard to live without a screen protector. We use them everywhere and in all situation, increasing the risk of dropping it may be intentionally or mistakenly. Over the years, screen sizes have been steadily increasing, further increasing the risk of suffering from a broken screen.

Many people have decided to purchase a screen protector to protect their smartphone, which is a good idea for whosoever that purchase it.


A screen protector is a piece of special glass made to fit devices perfectly. It will be placed on the original screen, it is often hardly visible and will absorb shocks and scratches instead of the phone screen itself. Should it break, it is easier to remove the screen protector compared to replacing the phone screen.

Screen protectors come in all shapes and sizes; some are made of a thin layer of plastic or foil while others are made from real glass that has undergone a special tempering process, strengthening the glass.

Some manufacturers make generic screen protectors, that is not cut out to fit the exact shape of the device, while others produce several variations for the same phone model.

To apply a screen protector; you usually clean your device with a wet wipe and a cloth of some sort and then attach the screen protector to the smartphone or tablet. The screen protector needs to be positioned properly, so it fits the device, and you need to make sure that there are no impurities on the screen, as it will generate air bubbles under the protector.

The final result is a device with a glass screen protector, which ensures the protection of the device while keeping all functionalities working, saving you from risking having to spend time and money on repairing a broken screen.


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